V - Twin Uniflow Poppet-Valve Steam Engine

Being built by Barry Watson of Sydney




Bore is 69mm stroke 62mm valve timing is shown in attached picture and design pressure was calculated at 400 to 450 psi at the valve chests with MEP of about 120 to 150 psi and a maximum working rpm of 1200 should produce about 10 HP if the above conditions are met.
I made made every part on  the strong side and I would say that if pushed to 1500rpm and 600psi that figure could easily be doubled for short periods.
The crank is from twin cylinder 36hp diesel so should be plenty strong enough main and big ends are ball and roller bearings respectively.
I have drilled the crankcase so condensate can drain away and oil is to be pump fed to all bearings and cam and will be total loss exiting with the condensate.
I will use one of my hydrostatic style lubricators for upper cylinder lubrication as this avoids pumping oil at high pressures.
In some of the pictures you can see the stainless steel exhaust shrouds these are held in place by the cylinder head covers


Next comes the steam generator and its gonna be a big one I reckon if I scale up the generator from SL ALBA about 4 to 5 heating area IE: tube length and triple the grate area should give steam to spare, I like your idea of fan forcing the fire but as size is not an issue I will go with the K.I.S.S principle, feed water will again be via electric driven pump with manual and thermal control of water flow as well as my bypass method of steam pressure regulation.
Propeller TBA


I have included a drawing for the hull I am going to build for it, the shape is based on the following.
by John Welsford
LOA Long version - 6.04 m - 20 ft 10 in
BEAM - 1.27 m - 4 ft 2 in
WEIGHT Approx - 140 kg - 308 lbs
CARRYING CAPACITY up to - 1200 kg - 2640 lbs
POWER - 25 hp Outboard (max)
SPEED - 20 kts

*Based on these figures I think 12 to 15 knots or more should be easily achieved. Ah there's nothing like a fast planing steam boat, just think of the thermal inefficacy, almost as much fun as driving a Cadillac with the air-con going full bore and the top down, just think I could fire the steam generator with tree hugger's and greenies soaked in chip fat for extra btu's of course.

More in the near future assuming we have one.
For more information contact: thermotc@optusnet.com.au

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