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Since 24/01/2019

Item Pictures
For Sale

S.L. Annie M

Hull Selway Fisher Design U.K Built by P. Lucas 2014, V bottom single chine plywood launch. We are pretty certain it  is the Fanny the Fantail 17’9” model  with trailer ( not registered)


5hp compound steam engine (double-acting and Stephenson link) designed and built by Peter Lucas. Design specifications are available upon request. 


Boiler: Vertical Fire Tube Steam Boiler, certified as Hazard Level B, Design pressure 1050 kPa Tested to 1500kPA), Volume 52L, Temperature (Co) 180, Boiler Type Fire-tube, Output 3.72 KW. Firegrate area 1.35 sqft. Total water volume 30.5L. ( Needs Servicing and Inspection) 


We are the current stewards of a steam launch built by our father Peter Lucas (RIP) and we are thinking the launch would be better off in the hands of an enthusiast. Please reach out if interested and we will do our best to provide more details. 

Price: Open to reasonable offers.
Please email or text 0408003338 ( Due to work comments it may take me up to 7 days to respond or answer phone calls) 



For Sale

S.L. Witch of Endor



26 feet long, 7 foot beam. The hull was designed by the owner in conjunction with David Payne. Lines taken from a half model  were translated into building plans by David.

Construction of the hull commenced in October 2004 by Phil Heaney of Toronto, NSW.

Construction is strip plank composite in Surian with Kauri laminated frames.  Teak margin board and king planks, White Beech deck. Australian cedar interior.

She was launched on 10th December 2005 and has been berthed at Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River and used regularly since.




Elliot Bay Steam Launch Co. Triple expansion engine 2 ¾ +4 3/8 + 6 ½ x 4” built by the owner. 7 IHP@ 300rpm, 9 IHP @ 380rpm. One of only two in Australia and 9 known to have been completed around the world




 John Davis keyhole type with a horizontal drum lagged in Australian cedar with brass bands. The boiler is approximately two square meters of heated surface area. Fired by wood or coal.


Operating pressure 185psi. Boiler Certificate recently issued.




20 x 36” Bronze RH from Elliot Bay Steam Launch Co.




Inboard surface condenser. 2 x 6” lengths of 1 ½” copper tube inside 2” copper tube bronze centrifugal circulating pump 22”vacuum, Windermere kettle, 8”steam whistle, steam siren (sold separately), VHF Radio, 80W solar panel and battery to power navigation lights, deck wash pump, 200l water tank in the bow, Full set of side covers with clears etc.

Includes ½ ton of brown coal briquettes and ½ ton of Welsh Steam Coal in 25kg bags


Ownership Highlights

She is a seaworthy boat with two return trips in the Tasman Sea from Brooklyn to Sydney, a journey of 30 Nm. She has been to Davistown on two occasions and cruised all of the creeks and tributaries of the Hawkesbury River from Mangrove Creek to Pittwater including rounding West Head in rough conditions with a strong incoming swell.

From lighting the fire to casting off with 180psi takes about 45 minutes and she will comfortably cruise at 5 – 6 knots

She has been a major attraction at the Sydney Wooden Boat Show on 6 occasions and the Royal Motor Yacht Club Timber Boat Festival on 10 occasions. She will comfortably seat 10 for short trips and 6 – 8 for lunch.

A folding platform stored under the forward deck allows comfortable sleeping for two in the stern.

Price: $65,000  Peter Cowie      0400 803985



For Sale

S.L. Little Lady

Little Lady is a 17 ft fiberglass hull putt putt steamboat powered by a Strath Steam 5 hp steam engine.

Fitted with a 4 blade 16 x 24 inch prop the boat travels at approximately 4.2 knots at 400 rpm. The steam conversion was done in 2004 by Bruce Pascoe who fitted the Strath Steam engine and launched the boat in January 2005.

Ron Muir purchased the boat from Bruce in 2008 and since then it has been used only a couple of times a year mainly on the Hawkesbury River and Brisbane Water. A lovely little boat and a real head turner it is now time for a new home. Includes registered trailer and fitted tarp cover for storage.

Priced to sell at $15,400.00 ono. Enquires, please call Rob Muir on 0412 33 44 65.



For Sale

The Pearl Steam Engine Company is for sale.  Pearl Engines are precise replicas of period designs and soundly engineered.  All is included to continue the 30 year production of Casting Kits, Machined Kits and Running Engines.  Economical shipping arranged. 

More at:  Contact Roger at:




For Sale

S.L. Kestrel

1895 32’ long Timber Carvel built hull.

Kestrel, formerly known as Ethel, operated on the Hawkesbury River.

The vessel was restored at Alkira Boat Shed by master shipwright Phil Heaney, over a period of three years.

The hull is of Hardwood to waterline and above is New Zealand Kauri, the superstructure and saloon is Red Cedar from the rain forest of Dorrigo.

The steam engine is a Vosper compound Portsmouth England 3inch + 6inch by 5inch.

It has a Steel boiler, side fired.

The gauges are well defined on the boiler and fit out is of stainless steel throughout.

The boat is stored in a boat shed at Toronto.

Price $165.000.00

Phone 0249596709

Owner  Peter Shiels



For Sale

SL Penelope

Hull is clinker built 12mm Ply fully glued and sealed with epoxy with a roof and clear curtains. Tiller steering and twin coal bunkers up front on the port and starboard sides lots of storage locker space

Engine is a 2 cylinder inline compound 2 1/2 inch Hp + 4 inch Lp by 4 inch stroke with piston valve Stevenson's link reverse built by Strath Steam

The boiler is an 18 inch shell vertical fire tube with 70 odd 3/4 inch tubes a dry fire box and an 8 inch stack built by Strath Steam. It is equipped a with Procon feed water pump, hot well, hand pump, condenser, whistle,  siren and Windemere kettle and a fire box cooker.
The trailer is a custom made galvanised steel unit built for the hull it has dual axles, override brakes and a manual winch and easy to launch and retrieve.

She has a plywood roof, with timber reinforced struts, it sits on 1 inch stainless steel tube poles and SS stanchions which can be taken down and replaced with short stubby pins if you are going to do any long haul road trips and there is a strong light blue plastic/tarp/cover which will cover up all the important parts of the boat if you have to travel

The feed water is supplied from a small 2 gallon fibreglass tank which is under the starboard side rear seat with float control bypass while the condensate feed water heater keeps the boiler level at a constant height  with the water returning from the 15 feet of 3/4 copper tube 3 pipe bronze condenser headers under the hull with no need for an air pump.

The feed water pump is a positive displacement rotary vane chain driven brass Procon running at about 800 rpm chain driven from the crankshaft and has a built in Relief valve and very fine strainer built in. It is backed up by a brass/bronze hand feed pump as well.
The prop is a 14” 1/2 inch 4 blade aluminium bronze unit with approx. 75 % blade area on an 11/8inch SS shaft running in a Tufnol stern bush hooked to the crankshaft with a fixed keyed coupling and a single seal bronze bush carrier with a grease nipple to keep the water out.

Priced at $48,000

 Rod Muller



For Sale

Marine Engine and matched Boiler from 30' steam launch

Boiler work done 30 years ago now, but included a new  half bottom of the barrel, a new front tube plate (riveted) and all new copper tubes. Since then boiler probably only steamed for 300 hrs at most.

The boiler is a "Gun Boat" type with a 24 inch long firebox at one end and two hundred odd 1" and 1/4 copper fire tubes running parallel to each other on a horizontal plane with the smoke box bolted onto the front tube plate tube plate. Comes with super heater and feed water heater that was in the smoke box.

Engine is 5" & 9" by 5 3/4" stroke and has short stroke feed pump and engine driven vacuum pump. Pre heater on exhaust for feed Water. Condenser was a simple keel type.

Boiler worked at 125psi (John Davis did most of the work on the boiler when it was rebuilt)

PROP is 24 by 36 inch pitch on a stainless shaftAll boiler fittings are complete and were re-worked during commissioning with no problems. This is a very rare combo of engine and original matching boiler.

Asking $22,000

Contact: Hamish Turner 0425779473


SOLD November 2021

S.L. Rose Marie

The Steam Launch "Rose Marie"  is for sale for the first time in thirty years. 

Hull: Built in Sydney in 1883, kauri pine (now Dynel sheathed). 23' x 6'-6". Straight stem, Counter Stern. 6+ knots.  The hull was completely refastened all seams splined hull fared and Dynel sheathed to allow dry storage and use without problems, all restoration carried out by experienced shipwright including construction of varnished tram seat seating around cockpit, new varnished beech v jointed canopy underside with Dynel outer surface, new polished brass supports and fittings. 

Engine: Built by W & J Davis, 1966. Compound 2 1/4" & 4 7/8" x 4" stroke. (Formerly fitted in S.l. "Sundown", 1970 - 1981). Engine driven air and feed pumps, keel condenser.  Copper sump fitted below engine to allow maintenance of clean bilge. 

Propeller: Chrome plated bronze 3 blade, 20" x 26". 

Boiler: Davis "keyhole" water tube, built 1984. 140 psi, solid fuel (char). Superheater, Bilge Ejector, Windermere kettle. 

Acquired by its third owner, Clive Stansfield in 1983 and completely refurbished by him.  Steam plant supplied and fitted by John Davis.  Used on Sydney Harbour and River Murray.  Acquired by present owner in 1986 and used exclusively on the Colo River

This classic launch has been restored and maintained to an exceptionally high standard and is now located on purpose built four wheel registered trailer at recent cost of over $ 10,000. 


Photo is of Rose Marie on the slipping cradle not the new road trailer. 


For Sale Stuart Sirius Generating Plant

 High quality redesigned Sirius engine featuring ball bearings on the crankshaft, banjo link and eccentric drive allowing up to 4,000 rpm on steam.  Pistons are from sg fine grain iron.  Rings are double turned.  End covers are 5000 grade aluminium.  Valve piston is fine grain iron.  Pistons have a Viton ring added below the iron rings to reduce the sump oil transferring to the exhaust when used under vacuum.  All fixings are 4mm and 5mm stainless screws.  Inlet is 1/8" B.S.P Outlet is 1/4" B.S.P.

The generator is 200Watt AC, and is coupled directly to the end housing and crankshaft.  The max output has been recorded at 185watts DC running on 80psi steam.  The matching regulator is part of the sale, this then gives 12DC for battery charging etc and at 2000 rpm the amps are around 6.

 An example is currently In use by one of the association's experienced members, speak with Tony for references

Shipped Price: $2500

Please email or phone Tony for any enquiries.  0408464501 




The Late Len Lark's Vosper engine and 40' hull

The Vosper was constructed from castings and has only been steamed a few times. Dimensions are approximately 4" +6" x5".

The open hull is 40ft x 10ft beam, ply/epoxy construction, designed for river use, glass sheathed and ready to float but otherwise bare. It is a hard-chine sharpie style, with counter stern, and has a propeller tunnel to reduce draft. The photos were taken some years ago before completion

 Pat Reece at Duck Flat Wooden Boats is willing to consider any reasonable offer, even some unreasonable ones! Ph 0466 669 620.



For Sale: Bolton 17

For Sale:  As new Bolton 17 complete with Stephenson’s Link reversing gear.  The present owner has successfully run it on air since purchasing, and the lack of any marks on the shaft suggest that it may never have been used in anger, yet.  Ready to go into a boat for little more than the price of castings at $ 2,800  Only selling due to too many other competing interests.  Phone Rick on 0428281418.  Located MacLean area NSW. 




For Sale: Machinery from well-known Siesta2 by Lindsay Drabsch

Machinery from well-known Siesta2 by Lindsay Drabsch. Possibly one of the finest steam launch combinations in Australia, that propelled the 3 ½ ton vessel comfortably at 7 knots. Engine is Clough 3”x 4 ½” x 4” compound, with gear driven air and feed pumps, hand feed pump, oil boxes and cups. Feed water heater on exhaust piping .1st class workmanship  and materials throughout, and very well maintained by Lindsay. Graphite internal lubrication and cylinder bores like glass with no perceivable wear throughout  the engine. 150 psi Mereweather style boiler built by Col Wear to highest standard, initially registered in the ACT, will be traceable if required. Boiler has been stored dry since decommissioning. Plant all up weight estimated at around 450 kg

Includes original propeller, irons, cooking box and other incidentals. Very reluctant sale $25,000 ono, located Lake Macquarie NSW, but will include free delivery anywhere from Melbourne to Brisbane, and points west in that price.


Also: A set of castings and drawings for Clough 3”x 4 1/2”x 4” compound, as per photo. Bronze top and bottom cylinder covers and valve chest covers. No baseplate, will need to fabricate.  SOLD

Enquires: John Shoebridge




For Sale: S.L. Louisa
A most pleasant launch built by Dick Whitefield, Stewart 5A motor, 11 and half inch propeller, teak deck, lovely canopy,
two bunkers, water tank under floor, trailer, etc, etc .  This unit was purchased  6 years ago after much research 
with the thought of having more time
We are selling at what we believe is a bargain Price $14,000.  Contact Craig Robson 0419866855


For Sale: Myford Lathe Book
A good quality copy of Ian  Bradley's Myford Series 7 lathe manual.

$20.00 plus postage.      Terry Kain - 0403 022 959.


For Sale: Steam Launch "Unfinished Project" SOLD

My dad started a steam boat project and unfortunately he passed away before it was finished and now I would like to sell it.  

The boat is a Fanny the fantail steam launch. Selway Fisher Design plywood hull construction with a Stuart 3" steam engine but it does not have a boiler. It comes with brand new and registered Swiftco boat trailer and Teak timber decking. Plans for the boat, engine, and boiler are available.  I have attached some pictures.



For Sale: Steam Generator  SOLD

Made to drive Wells Balanced engine:   22 feet of s/steel ¼ “ tube  with split compensation valve + 20 feet of Flattened 3/8 Copper pre heat New 600 kPa pressure gauge, 5 chime whistle   (unused)  

Wells Balanced Engine    SOLD

A unique compact Compound  -----   4”dia. low pressure  cylinder over 2” dia. high pressure cylinder, single piston valve.     On frame with pumps hand pump, dual feed and hot-well etc.    Triple con-rods drive 180 degree cranks so that centre H.P. piston descending, is balanced by forces on the two L.P. piston rods ascending on the outer journals. Balanced forces permit high speed with low heat loss, minimise  bearing loads, vibration, and hull stress.


Surplus Steamboat Parts SOLD

“For Sale: Surplus steam boat parts. Up for sale are items from a previous steam boat I no longer require. Items include;

·       Firebox to suite 14inch VFT boiler. Box is welded structure and lined with refractory bricks (some surface rust).

·       Stainless steel Hot well with timber lid.

·       Single cylinder steam engine 2 ¼ bore x 2 7/8 stroke. No reverse, with cross head pump but not fitted (no check valves).

All items are in ‘as is condition’ however would provide someone building a small 12-14 foot steamboat a good start. Price $



Simplex Gearbox

Contact Len Tate 02 62312210 or contact Chris Grallelis 0414230189.


SOLD: S.L. RHYL Reduced Price 1st May 2019

S.L. RHYL For sale

A stable roomy reliable steam boat. It was my teenage dream to have a steam boat and now I am 80 I have new and smaller projects.

The engine is basically a copy of a Stewart Turner Swan but with more refinements in the construction. The crank is cut from solid tool steel and ground. The piston rods and cross heads are hard chromed and ground and the eccentrics are hardened and ground. This engineering approach is a result of having been a toolmaker and many years of experience using machine tools.

The boiler design is unusual for a small steam boat, it was designed specifically for wood firing and works extremely well. It is free steaming and easy to fire and comes with a current boiler certificate.

The galvanised trailer has been fitted with a new axle, springs, hubs, disc brakes, pipes and override coupling and has current registration.

Hull.   Modified ‘Trailer Sailer’  Epoxy glued marine ply.  The speed is better than 5 knots.




For Sale 24 ft fiberglass plumb stem, counter stern classical steamboat hull with purpose built professional tandem trailer. SOLD

This fiberglass hull was one of 12 built by Debco Marine in Port Lincoln from a slightly modified Philip Bolger fantail launch design. 

Other examples of this hull include the " Elizabeth Rose" and the "Robin Gordon" both of which may be familiar to readers. 

This was a project too far. I bought the hull new from Graham Daniels in 2001 and had a trailer built in 2005 specially designed to allow easy towing,  launching and retrieving. 

The hull comprises just the major molding i.e. no deck.  ( I always thought the deck combings too high and thought I might trim a hint of the sheer from the bow, you know, to be a little more stylish for an inland waterway launch).

I am looking to recoup my costs on this. The hull has been stored securely wrapped in tarpaulins over a wooden frame. The trailer has traveled only 200 km since 2007. It is galvanized and has cable operated disk brakes common with most professionally constructed marine trailers. It has never tasted salt water, or fresh!

The trailer is not currently registered as I found the only journey it made was to have an annual NSW roadworthy. An unregistered vehicle permit could be easily obtained by the new owner to facilitate the next journey.

I also have. Bolton number 17 3X4 single that I would be open to offers if a new owner was interested. I could demonstrate this on compressed air.  NOT YET SOLD

The details are : Hull, LOA 7.32m x 1.98m x 0.51m (24ft x 6ft 6in x 1ft 8in) with displacement 1450kg.

Gordon Taylor  0409945459

FOR RELUCTANT SALE due to crew mutiny SOLD

 SL August Lady.  20' x 6' x 18'' Hull built circa 1930 for the Engineering and Water Supply Department in South Australia as a workboat on the River Murray.  The current owners acquired the wreck, had it restored by a retired British Naval Shipwright, and conversion to a Steam Launch was completed. The owners also made various brass and iron castings through their own business, completing a first class restoration and conversion.

 The kauri below waterline and oregon above carvel built hull was splined, faired and glassed externally, with commercial single pack coating used for the internal hull.

 She is powered by a purpose built Strath Steam 6hp vertical single cylinder engine and a vertical fire tube (copper) boiler.  A keel condenser, hotwell and make up pump complete the steam system.

 The engine is coupled to a Clae disc clutch gearbox (F/N/R) then to a step up through duplex chain drive to the prop shaft and 18" bronze propeller.  Accessories include 12v battery system for bilge and transfer pumps, cabin and navigation lights.  The generous Windermere Kettle has stainless steel cradles for warming pannikins and there are 2 x 60 litre rainwater tanks in the stern locker for boiler and kettle make up. A steam lance is included for tube maintenance.

August Lady cruises comfortably at 5kph and uses approximately 15kg briquettes/hour.  She comes on her own purpose built tandem braked trailer which carries a 12v heavy duty winch.

 Current craft survey and boiler certificate are available. 



8 HP Marshall Portable,

No. 46287, no boiler certificate, last steamed approx 5 years ago, always kept in a shed by last owner. $18,000 ONO.


PALMER BROTHERS S-1 1914 gasoline marine engine

2 cycle, Make & Break ignition.  Run in 2002, excellent condition, fresh water cooled, no rust.  See Palmer Brothers reference in GASOLINE ENGINES SINCE 1872 by C.H. Wendel.  The only known S-1 example to exist. Shipping internationally, $3675 (U.S. funds).  Questions?  Roger Grosser



For Sale   DELETED

A. J. Houle Motor Works 1907 gasoline marine engine

4 cycle spark ignition and internal gear reduction for a steam engine replacement. Not running, in good condition, was fresh water cooled, no rust.  See Houle reference in GASOLINE ENGINES SINCE 1872 by C.H. Wendel. The only known example to exist.  $2365.00 (U.S. funds), shipping internationally. Questions?   Roger Grosser 


For Sale   DELETED

York Compound Bronze Cylinder Heads

Fully machined and cast in silicon bronze.  High pressure side and low pressure side, new, never installed.  $325 for the pair plus $66.00 for shipping by air, U.S. funds please..  Questions?  Roger Grosser



For Sale
S.L. Belle      SOLD January 2019

SL Belle is a Fibreglass 17ft clinker hull, the mould was taken from a 1930's launch found in Narembeen Lake. The hull was built by Marshal Lord
and at the time had a work yard at Terry Hills, Sydney. Hulls were made as putt putt launches, some open and some with timber cabins.
The deck is Teak laid as well as the marlin board. A canvas front cabin is fitted with a aft awning. It can sleep two in a v-birth at front.

Finished construction in January 1997 Powered by 2 1/2" by 3" single cylinder engine of steel fabrication with Slip Eccentric Reversing gear.
Built by Andrew Palmer over eighteen months. Boiler is a vertical fire tube consisting of 120 fire tubes. Shell is 1/2" steel construction. Built over
six months by Andrew Palmer. Maximum operating pressure is 100 psi. Ready to run after about 20 mins firing. 
Condensing system is used where by exhaust steam is turned back into water and pumped into the boiler automatically when required. 
Fuel is brown coal briquettes, approximately 5kg per hour.
Maximum speed is 6 knots at 500 RPM.
Boiler is lagged with Jarrah, two 5l fresh water tanks, Windermere kettle. 
Includes:   Dual axle trailer, full cover, clinker fibreglass tender, life jackets, ropes, basic tool kit, navigation lights, tube cleaning hose.


For Sale: Steam Launch "Lady  Naunton" SOLD 4/11/2017

A 22' 6" long Classic Victorian style counter stern Steam Launch.

Hull and Deck hand laid GRP with Australian beech planking on deck.

Engine: Double acting compound, 2 1/2"+43/8" X 3" with piston valve on HP cylinder and slide valve on the LP cylinder. Stevenson's link reversing gear. Keel condenser, feed heater, engine driven feed and air pumps and hand driven feed pump. This is the 14th engine built by the renowned English engine builder Sam Wilkinson.

Three bladed bronze propeller driven by step up sprocket and chain drive arrangement.

Boiler: Vertical Fire Tube with copper tubes, steel shell and tube plates. Designed and built by the late Colin Wear to Australian Standard 1797 allowing it to be put in survey if required. Full design paper work included. Working pressure 150 psi.

Trailer: As new, registered, purpose built galvanised steel, dual axles with over-ride disc brakes.


Two steam Launches


SOLD  SL  Clayton Maid, fibreglass hull, 20'6" with 4" x 6" single cylinder engine and modified Wiles boiler. .


SOLD   Clayton Lady, fibreglass hull, 25'6" with 3 3/4" x 6" single cylinder engine and modified Wiles boiler.


Both launch boilers last inspected 20 Sept 2012.


SOLD Steam Launch "Elizabeth Rose"

Beautiful, elegant, modern fantail launch built in the style of a classic timber Edwardian River Thames Steam Launch – very reminiscent of that golden era.

First launched in 2000 on Pittwater, Sydney, the fibreglass hull was one of 12 built by Debco Marine in Port Lincoln from a slightly modified Philip Bolger fantail launch design.  The decks and gunwales are Burmese teak and the cockpit fit out is Honduran mahogany.  Polished brass and bronze fittings are used exclusively throughout.

The canopy is canvas on a steel frame supported by turned mahogany stanchions designed to be removed to lower the height for storage.

 Inclusions: Windermere kettle; curtain clears for inclement weather; depth sounder; period sisal mooring lines and two 1.0m fenders recently added; water make up tank of 90 litres; Danforth anchor; 8 life jackets and fire extinguisher.

Hull: LOA 7.32m x 1.98m x 0.51m (24ft x 6ft 6in x 1ft 8in) with displacement 1450kg.

Engine: Dolphin single cylinder manufactured by Peter Uscinski, Brisbane.  Bore x stroke 7.62cm x 10.16cm (3in x 4in).  3.75 hp at 110 psi & 250rpm.  

Boiler: Vertical wet leg 60 litre fire tube boiler suitable for coal, hard wood or briquettes.

Propeller: New propeller 14in x 19in (was 13.5in x 15in) geared to twice engine rpm.

Trailer: Dual axle 2000kg rating with hinged drawbar to reduce storage length.  Gross weight of boat & trailer is1840 kg with tow ball weight of 160kg.


SOLD    Steam Launch "Dolphin" December 2016

This is an opportunity not to be missed.   Due to changing circumstances and different interests, Robyn  has decided to put the steam launch "Dolphin" on the market.   

The hull is 32' x 9'6" and all of spotted gum, very strong and in sound condition.  It is of carvel construction with full planks (no joints) and copper fastened throughout.  Professionally built by Ian Taylor of Pittwater in 1987, initially fitted with a Chrysler marine engine.   The steam plant was installed in 1994. 

The engine is a compound 4 1/4" + 7 1/2 " x 4" piston valve HP & balanced slide valve LP  to a design by Arthur Leak.  The castings were supplied by Anthony Beaver (UK) and machined in Melbourne.   

The boiler is an Ofeldt design, with a steel centre drum and copper tubes, designed and built by Andy Munns in Sydney.  Working pressure is 150psi. It is fired by a vaporising burner fuelled by kerosene, which is supplied from an automatically pressurised tank. Fuel consumption is around 10 litres per hour. 

Exhaust steam is fed to an inboard condenser, with a rubber impeller type pump supplying cooling water. The engine drives the propeller shaft via heavy duty roller chain at 1:2 ratio. The bronze propeller is, I think, 19 x 26. Cruising speed is around 4.5 knots at 120 rpm on average boiler pressure of 125 psi. There are twin crosshead driven feed pumps, with a hand pump for backup. All plumbing is copper with industrial grade bronze fittings. The design and construction of the engine is traditional in every respect. 

The varnished trim is mahogany. Steering is by Morse cable, with an elegant bronze wheel. There are two v-berths and a Porta-Potti. 

Dolphin is a really beautiful vessel in good working order. Routine maintenance, such as painting and varnishing, is all that is needed to keep her operating. "Dolphin" is in going trim and only requires a match.  There is even air pressure in the fuel tank ready to operate. 

Robyn would like to see the vessel change hands very soon as she is not in a position to complete topside maintenance (painting & varnish) although still good, and is willing to sell at a very reasonable price to see the vessel in good hands.  Currently on a mooring, "Dolphin" would need a crane & transport to remove, although the mooring could be transferred if the new owner left it on Lake Burley Griffin.   




SOLD    For Sale

Two Steam Boats built by the late Grant Marks of SA. 

(1) The Clayton Maid (white) Fibreglass hull 20'6":  4" x 6" single cyl, non-condensing, SLRG, 100psi.  $20,000 ONO

(2) The Clayton Lady (blue). Fibreglass hull 25' 6": 3 3/4" x 6" single cyl slip eccentric, condensing, 100psi.  $20,000 ONO

Both vessels fitted with modified Wiles water-tube boilers passing last inspections 20-9-12. F


 SOLD For Sale

5 Propellers









2 Blade RH

3 Blade RH

3 Blade RH

3 Blade LH

3 Blade RH


3/4" dia

2 degree Taper

1"dia 2degree Taper

3/4" dia 2degree Taper

1 1/4" 2degree Taper

1"  2degree Taper


274mm (10 3/4")

300mm (11 3/4")

300mm (12")

420mm (16 1/2")

400mm (15 3/4")


456mm (18")

527mm (20")

440mm (17 5/16")

363mm (14 5/16")

408mm (16")



Free to a good home

No Longer Available

Huon/ King Billy pine fantail launch

 Built 1890-1910, about 20 ft, needs restoration, originally steam powered, located at Strahan, Tasmania.

 Comes from Strahan originally, was used up & down the Gordon river.

Originally would have had a steam engine & a tiller.  It is approx 6m long & 2.5m at the widest point.

In the cabin you can stand up unless you're very tall. Flat timber around the rear section, very wide, easily sat on.

Does need restoration.

 Property is being sold & the boat must go to a new home or otherwise be destroyed or dumped. 

Don't want this to happen, as it's a piece of Tassie history.

Are you or anyone you know interested??

Must go ASAP!  Thank you



For Sale


Historic Murray  River  paddle boat boiler and engines.

 This is a rare  opportunity  to acquire unique steam boat engines and boiler.

The original  boiler from the PS Alfred and engines from the PS Ruby.

Both in need of restoration.




For Sale



 17 foot long  Mahogany clinker steam Launch.   Strath Steam vertical fire tube boiler. 120 ¾” copper tubes. 

Had inspections when required . Engine double acting with keel condenser.  The canopy folds down for compact travelling on easy launch gal trailer.  Removable front windows and removable table over engine. 

Engine and boiler 1997  hull restored at this time dry and very sound hull originally built in 1949 as Port Adelaide fishing boat and very sea worthy. This boat is stored in dry boat shed and boiler is dried out when stored. Very user friendly and a joy to steam.

Windermere Kettle, Brass nav lights, Tools and spares.  Built by Paul and David Malpas, Need I say more? 

Complete set of moulds for the DEBCO 24’ fantail launch.  SOLD
For person or persons interested in building a lovely fantail launch the comprehensive set of GRP moulds are available to purchase. 
Moulds as follows: - hull, deck, floor, interior seats and liner, console, canopy and various smaller moulds. 
All laminate schedules would be advised. 


Elizabeth Rose is a beautiful example of a Debco hull.

For Sale    SOLD May 2015  
Keyhole Boiler

This boiler is a water-tube type based on the “keyhole” type developed by Mr Davis and manufactured by John Davis of Sydney during approximately 1985.

 It was purchased to provide steam for a Simpson Strickland 4x8x5 compound marine engine which was to drive a large steam launch.  Unfortunately the project never saw the light of day and the engine was sold.  The boiler was used occasionally to steam the engine for interested viewers at my house in the large shed in the back garden, fired both by diesel burner, then later on, by dry timber.

The boiler was always maintained full of treated water and generally under a vacuum between firings, and is in as-new condition internally.

Total heating surface, approximately 28 square feet.

Working pressure,                  120 psig, (8 bar)

Main steam branch                1. 1/4 BSP

Auxiliary branch                      1/2   BSP



Height to base of funnel                                 40.5 inches

Length, excluding fittings                               30 inches

Width overall                                                  25 inches at base

Weight                                                                        Approx.  200 kg.

Funnel diameter                                             7 inches

Grate area available                                       16”x 22” = 2.4 square feet.

Located in Freemantle Western Australia

Geoff Atterton:




YORK   compound engine for sale       SOLD December 2013

.  New, finest workmanship with make-up and air pumps. 

Only run on air to ascertain performance. 



Bolton 17      SOLD January 2013

Single cylinder steam engine. Bore 3” and 3 7/8” stroke with Stevenson link reversing gear complete with drawings.



"Freya"              SOLD

Beautiful 17ft River Launch

Built in 1999 by Bob McLeod

Cedar strip plank hull with fibreglass skin

Single cylinder 2  3/8  ” x 2 ¼ ”, reversing, condensing and feed water heating.

5-6 knots at 250 rpm maximum 8-9 knots

Vertical fire tube boiler 61 x 1” copper tubes, 14 sqft heating surface natural Draught 100 psi working pressure

Scotch crank donkey pump for boiler feed

Complete with registered trailer



Engine number 1183, date of manufacture 1892.

Details: 4” X 8” X 5” stroke, compound, shown in SS catalogue as Fig. 2 23 ihp at 150 psi.

 This beautiful engine is in original condition with all fittings including feed and air pumps.

It was originally purchased new from Simpson Strickland & Co Ltd. by a NZ steamer operator but had very little use before finishing up as a display engine at the Wanganui Technical College in 1902 until purchased by a collector.

The present owner purchased the engine in 1984 with the intention of placing it in a suitable hull, but this project never got off the ground and the engine remained grounded for occasional steamings.


Jasmin    Sold Jan 2013

20’ Epoxy/ply lap strake launch.  12.5mm marine grade ply epoxy bonded clinker.

Warrego 3”x4” piston valve single cylinder 5HP steam engine by Strathsteam of Goolwa S.A.

Boiler: Blackstone/Yarrow design, all copper except steel tie bolts & end caps on main drum.  HS 16.6 sq ft.  Volume 30 litres.  Condensate return 54 l/hr.  Condensing feedwater system with backup freshwater storage tank. 

Full length solid roof canopy with full storm covers.  Canopy lowers for storage & travel.  Plumbed Windermere piping, whistle & blowdown tube.  Electric navigation & internal lighting. 

Fitted Storage:  Briquette hopper & fresh water (drinking). 

16” x 22” bronze propellor

“Premier” galvanised steel trailer (12m reg) with over-ride brakes.  Total weight 1.5 tonnes. 

Built and supplied by Strathsteam in 1999 to single owner.  Full maintenance and complete log books. 


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