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The Finished Engine

26 February 2004

This website was kept up to date till about 2004 and then disappeared for a few years.

The information is still relevant to those interested in building the EB triple and I hope the site continues to inspire people to build this magnificent engine

Some of the movie links continue to defeat my steam understanding but hopefully they will appear again soon

There are some videos of the engine and the "Witch of Endor" on Youtube


Click here for the Finished Boat


This site is designed to:


Display the progress made in designing and manufacturing a 2 3/4" + 4 3/8" + 6 1/2" x 4" triple expansion marine steam engine based on castings produced by the Elliot Bay Steam Launch Co. of Portland US


Assist the builders of steam engines in general by describing and showing methods of manufacture of various components.


Promote the attractions and benefits of steam propulsion in launches and yachts so that they might be enjoyed by a larger audience.


Provide a source of general information about the attributes of marine steam


Provide links between steam engine builders so that they may benefit from the expertise of others.


Provide links so that people with expertise in the areas of marine steam in general and steam engine design and manufacture in particular can share their knowledge so that it might be passed on to further generations.


Share with other engine builders my own experience and methods in the design, manufacture and operation of a traditional marine triple expansion steam engine.


Serve as a repository of revisions, modifications &  improvements made by all builders


Progress as at 4 November 2003

Running on steam for the first time

2 years and 8 months after starting the project


people have visited this site since 29 May 2002

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