Other Builders

Greg Linden of Denver, Colorado

Greg sent me the first photos of the engine that I had seen.

He generously put me up for the night in July 2000, answered a multitude of questions, let me take lots of photos and continues to keep me up to date with his progress.

His machining is a work of art and he has drawn many of the drawings currently supplied with the engine.



Ken Hall of Vancouver, Canada

Ken took me for a ride in "Oesa", a 23 foot Elliot Bay Hull fitted with his triple expansion engine in July 2000.

The photos I took on the day have been a major source of inspiration and detail.

Ken built the engine from the castings alone (no detailed drawings), designed the valve events and designed and built the well matched boiler.

"Oesa" and her engine are a tribute to an excellent  machinist who has designed everything from a thorough understanding of the principles involved.

Click on "Oesa" to see more details at the web site of the Northwest Steam Society


Mac Schetky of Maine, USA

Photo's of Mac's engine have been a great help to me in avoiding some of the problems he encountered

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