S.L. Eirene

Owned by Graeme Knott


24'4"  long with an 8 foot beam. The hull was built by Peter Gillies but completed by Phil Heaney of Toronto, New South Wales, after Peter's death. Queensland beech planked and decked with iron bark keel and spotted gum stringers and ribs. All else is teak from the devil to the king plank and seating with combing on the cockpit and roof veneered in the same timber.


Twin compound 9 hp Mills engine from Wales manufactured in 1987


The boiler is a Davis design with a horizontal drum clad in Australian cedar and brass bands. The boiler is 50 kW and approximately two square meters of heated surface area. Fired by wood or coal



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Engine & Boiler

Davis Keyhole Boiler

Engine & Boiler

Interior layout

Interior joinery