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The Shoalhaven River Festival is scheduled to run over the weekend of Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th of October 2015. The festival will start with a parade on Saturday starting at midday, passing through the Central Business District and finishing at the river bank where all the food and market stalls will be positioned along with the entertainment stages.

The marine side of the festival will commence on Saturday afternoon and continue until PM on Sunday. There will be a marina established on the Nowra side of the Shoalhaven River with launching facilities at Greys Beach on the opposite side of the river. Security will be in place on the marina from PM Friday 23 July 2015 until PM Sunday 25 July 2015.

There will be two parades of Vintage Boats on Saturday afternoon with an additional parade at night prior to the fireworks display. Vintage Boat owners are encouraged to switch on their navigation lights and all the additional lights that can fitted on the boat and add to the spectacular of the night parade prior to the fireworks display.

Sunday will be a leisurely cruise for the Vintage Boats down the Shoalhaven River from the marina to the boat ramp at Greenwell Point; the journey is expected to take two hours each way. If you donít want to participate in the cruise on Sunday or for that matter the Vintage Boat parades on Saturday just come along moor your boat in the marina and put your boat on display so the public can admire a Vintage Boat and you can soak up the atmosphere of a spectacular festival.

There is no registration fee for Vintage Boats but we need to know who is attending so we can plan to have adequate marina space. The registration forms are available on the Shoalhaven River Festival Webb at: 

If you donít have access to the internet please contact Greg Clark on (0488) 600 160 and he will arrange to send you a copy of the registration form.





Pieman River Tasmania November 2009 (Click for more Photos)


Silver Jubilee Regatta (Click for more Photos)

Wentworth NSW July 2010


Dora Creek 2005 (Click for more Photos)


Dora Creek 2004  (Click for more photos)


Dora Creek 2003

June Long Weekend 2003

Photos taken by Terry Lance (members are welcome to submit their photos)

Dora Creek from Kookaburra

Choof & Puff

Choof & Puff

Lunch Stop

Lunch Stop

John Shoebridge's "Happy Tiger"

Happy Tiger

Lady Evangeline




  A day out on the Lady Hopetoun

September 2003



March 6 & & 2004

Jim Hammond exhibited SL Elizabeth Rose, Peter Cowie operated his triple expansion engine and boiler and Len Lark operated his Vosper compound.

Visitors commented that the wonderful aroma of coal smoke and hot oil from the SBAA display could be detected all over the festival site.

We distributed 25 membership application forms and several catalogues and books to interested visitors

The engines ran faultlessly and the display was a great success despite the rain.

We had lots of visitors on both days, 2 - 3 deep on occasions

The umbrella on Sunday made the day much more pleasant

Jim Hammond's S.L. Elizabeth Rose attracted lots of fingerprints from people looking onboard

Peter Cowie's Triple expansion engine and boiler attracted many comments and much interest

The triple at speed. "Like a swiss watch" said one member when it was run up to 500rpm


  The Great Southern Steam Meet

Tasmania February 2004

(Click the link above to see the report and more photos)



  A Day out on the Waratah

April 2004

Coming soon!


2004 Nepean Cruise

May 2004

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