A Leak Compound Engine

Being built by John Olsen of New Zealand


The hull is 30 feet long and 6 feet in the beam. She will carry a little lead in the keel to help steady her. With such a long narrow hull, attention will also be paid to keeping as much of the weight low as possible. However, she is expected to be easy to drive. The keel, stem, and deadwood are Jarrah, the planking is cedar, and the transom is African Rosewood. The latter will be varnished as a feature. She will be glassed inside and out with triaxial cloth, The outside is now done. She should be ready to turn over soon.


The engine is based on the Leak compound as described in the Model Engineer around 1983, but with many changes including piston valve on the LP as well as the HP. The LP cover shot shows that my Myford was a bit stretched for some of the jobs. Some of the larger pieces had to be machined elsewhere, especially pieces needing milling or shaping, but most of the lathe work was in fact done on the Myford. Bores are 3" and 5" with a 3" stroke. I made my own patterns and had them cast at the Milson Foundry in Palmerston North.


Propeller TBA


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