S.L. Lady Anne

Owned by Brian Wilson


 17' long x 6' beam. Carvel planked White beech with spotted gum ribs. Built in the 1930's in Swansea NSW as an offshore fishing boat


2 1/2" x 3" single cylinder overhung crank, 2 1/2HP at 500rpm built by Rod Martin in Emerald Victoria in 2003


Oldfelt vertical water tube type with 14 flash coils 100psi, approx 24 square feet of heating surface. Fired by wood or coal.
Propeller 12 x 14" bronze 4 blade.



Previously S.L. Ghertia.  Purchased by the current owner 2008. Boiler totally rebuilt by new owner to AMBSC Copper code. Engine overhauled and steam system redesigned and replaced. Ongoing refurbishment of hull.

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Engine Room

Noosa River