A Double Simple Engine

Being built by Terry Lance of Sydney







Propeller TBA


Terry has made the patterns and cast most of the pieces for his engine

A double simple engine expands the steam once but has two cylinders. These engines are powerful and start from any position but use more steam than a compound engine.

A compound engine has two or more cylinders, the steam first entering the high pressure cylinder then exhausting into one or more larger cylinders. They are generally more economical than simple engines.

A single cylinder steam engine will not start if it has stopped at top or bottom centre and may need a "kick" on a flywheel to start it.

For more information contact: [Terry_LANCE@rta.nsw.gov.au]

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The Engine

The Main Bearings

The crankshaft. Fabricated by assembling with Loctite and pins

Various castings

The wooden pattern for the crossheads

Crosshead slides

Crosshead slide closeup

Slidebar Assembly

Progress to date

Assembly 2.3.04

Assembly 2.3.04

Progress at 28.6.04

Progress December 2007

Progress December 2007

Progress December 2007

Progress December 2007