A Boiler and Engine

Built by a member in Western Australia

I can't recall exactly when I first became interested in steam but it was some time in my childhood, may be when I was about 10. Our farm at Brunswick Junction Western Australia  backed on to what then was a large shunting yard for the W.A.G.R.( West Australian  Government Railways ). I still live here but unfortunately the shunters and steam era is long gone. I used to walk to the shunting yards and a beg a ride on the G class locos that did all the shunting and worked 24 hours a day, and occasionally if I was real lucky I would get a ride to Collie and back . Collie is a coal mining town about 35 Ks east of Brunswick'.
 A few years ago 1 purchased a seven and a quarter inch model steam loco which I ran In a club at Bunbury. It was in every way but for size the same as the real thing with a 50 litre boiler and weighed almost a ton. However  there was no opportunity to  go anywhere other than round and round in circles but the steam part was great.  I sold the loco to a wild life park in Perth where it still operates  daily taking people for rides
A steam boat seemed to have all the answers so I purchased  the SL Robin Gordon from  Peter Uskinszky in Brisbane . This is the most magnificent piece of engineering  as well as a great boat.  I have never seen better .
Subsequently my wife and I went to Hobart for a holiday  and met up with some dyed in the wool steam boaters. I was fortunate to meet Wally Munster and cruise down a river with him (can't recall the name of the river ). However I was taken with the idea of the mono tube steam generator in his boat . At the same  event I met Don Parker and was very impressed with his boat and the idea of a steam generator that runs on gas and can raise a full head of steam in about 4 minutes. After I retuned home I found Don's number and had a conversation with him and subsequently he posted  me some great photos and a lot of information .
 I guess the photos talk for themselves Winding the coils what not as easy as I had expected  but so far the rest  has been no trouble. The  unit has been pressure tested to 300 psi. and I expect to put some heat under it soon .
I have built an engine using Peter Uskinsky's castings. It is a 3 by 4 inch stroke runs great on air but is to big for what I want. I was lucky to  purchase a small compound engine from Roger Barker from Adelaide and am looking for a hull to put the lot in
The Robin Gordon is now owned by my friend Rob Balfour of Adelaide . I was lucky enough to spend a few days with Rob and we took the opportunity to steam all around Hindmarsh Island for a few hours.

The SBAA regrets to announce that the member passed away in 2012 after completing his project and using it for some time


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Making steam for the first time

Running the engine with the boiler

The boiler casing showing some of the tubes