Where do you buy steam boat stuff?

Many of the things that are required to build a steam boat are not available at the hardware shop or the discount boat store.

Finding things often means spending hours calling firms listed on Google only to be told that "we only have that in 6m lengths' or "we only sell by the sheet" (1.2m x 2m) or "we haven't stocked them for thirty years" or "the cutting fee is $50.00" or "we only sell by the box "(100) or, by email in Chinglish, that they have a minimum order of 50,000 shipped from Shanghai

This page is designed to assist people building or re-fitting steam boats by listing known sources of things uncommon in steam boat sizes in the real world.

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Date Item purchased and what is it for? Supplier Approx. Cost Recommended by
September 2016 Pearl Steam Engines
Launch and stationary engines, both single and twin cylinder are available as either complete casting kits, complete machined kits or assembled. Pumps, blueprints and more.  Shipping internationally."


  Roger Grosser (Proprietor)
October 2015 Brass Fittings

I had difficulty sourcing brass fittings for my boiler.  The following places I found to have most of what I wanted.  Plumbing suppliers were of limited help

Actrol Penrith
Unit 5 12 Robertson Pace
02 4721 1850
ACTROL are also at Riverwood, Alexandria, Artarmon, Silverwater, Traralgon, and Auburn.
Unit 8 2187 Castlereagh Road
02 4731 5344
PIRTEK are everywhere too. 


  Terry Lance
October 2015 Sheetmetal Drip Tray

I wanted to fold up a pan for under my engine.  I had a few ideas but it would have to be in several pieces to be removable.  I couldn’t find anything at home that I could adapt (cake tins, baking dishes or other stuff from the big house) so I bit the bullet and went to see the local sheet metal bloke. 

 Dave (the boss) climbed into the boat and I showed him what I reckoned would work and what I needed.  He took some measurements and made a sketch but said he was very busy and would try to fit it in.  About 10 days later I got a phone call and went to pick it up.  I could see a bit of a problem so I brought the boat back the following day and he made some adjustments and fitted it up while I waited (and helped).  I talked about the Association and left him with a couple of Steam Leaks.

 The finished product cost less than a slab of beer and will do its intended job well.  Brian Jones says it looks too good to hide under the engine and fill with oily water.   

My son had a drip tray for my beer fridge fabricated at the same place some years ago for a very reasonable price too.   

Dave is a great bloke to deal with and obviously likes his work, especially a small project that is more interesting than just folding panels for office fitout or other mundane stuff.   

All Purpose Sheet Metal Pty Ltd.
6/10 Production Place
02 4722 2072


  Terry Lance
December 2013 General Steam Fittings and fasteners E & J Winter at Kurri Kurri. They have a good web site www.ejwinter.com.au which includes a price list. Although their main business is model steam locos they have plenty of interest to steamboaters   Mike Davies
August 2013 Nuts and Bolts

Newcastle High Tensile Bolt Company

Corner of Gipps Street & Elizabeth Street, Carrington NSW 2304

Phone 02 4968 9101



Mike says: I have found a nut and bolt supplier who is extremely good; for instance I wanted some ¼” BSF grub screws and tried Blackwoods, Lee Bros. and Bomond Trading and they all laugh at me. When I called Newcastle High Tensile Bolt Company they asked me what length and shipped them overnight. I have sourced other things from them and all have arrived overnight. Also their web site is excellent.


  Mike Davies
March 2012 Colloidal Graphite
There was an article in Steam Leak 107 by John Davis Regarding Colloidal Graphite.
This supplier  will sell small quantities .
$34.90 per 500ml can plus GST and Delivery. Mick O'Shea
Nov 2004 25mm Kaowool blanket for lagging engine and boiler

Field Furnace Refractories Pty Ltd

8 Arnott Place

(02) 9729 1799


$16.00 per 600 x 1000mm piece Peter Cowie
Nov 2004 Safety Valve for boiler. Set at 200lbs, 1/2" inlet 1" outlet.

They also stock gauge glasses, valves and other interesting stuff

Austral Engineering

(02) 9874 0211

Ermington, Sydney and other state branches


$230.00 Peter Cowie
Nov 2004 1.6mm x 150mm seamless  stainless steel tube 1.2m long for the boiler flue (inner funnel)

Midway Metals

Sydney 9757 1400

Branches in other states


$110.00 incl. delivery Peter Cowie
Jan 2005 Spares for "British Seagull" outboard motors

Not strictly steamboat but some of us do carry one as a back up... 


Apparently the following are the sole Australian agents: - Minards Diesel 15 Sara St Toronto NSW 2283 Ph 024950 4565 

  John Shoebridge
Jan 2005 Stainless Steel fabrication ( Hot well, make-up tank etc.)

Klitland Fabrications,

Manly Vale 9948 9411

  Jim Hammond
  Timber - teak mahogany etc.

Anagote Timbers

144 Renwick St.Marrickville

9558 8444

  Jim Hammond
  Water Gauges etc.


P.O.Box 7363 Baulkham Hills  2153 8824 3930

  Jim Hammond
  Bronze fittings etc,

Briggs Marine (Adcast Consolidated P/L)

23 Stafford St. Huntingdale Vic.3166

03 9544 1229

  Jim Hammond
  Boiler Water Treatment

Tandex Chemicals 

C9, 101 Rookwood Rd Yagoona NSW 2199
ph: (02) 9793 7218 

Tanblend Boiler Treatment, Polyfloc defloculent


  Jim Hammond
  Brass "D" section (Rubbing strip etc.)

Marine and Engineering Industries P/L   1-3 Endeavour Rd. Caringbah

  Jim Hammond
  Adhesive tape (Boot top)

Spandex - Asia Pacific P/L

P.O.Box 575 Hornsby  N.S.W. 1630

  Jim Hammond
  Engineers Supplies (brass fittings, tools  etc.)

Mitchell's Engineers Supplies P/L

4/1 Leighton Place Hornsby

 9482 1811


ALAS, Closed 2019

  Jim Hammond
  Non Ferrous Castings

Godfrey Castings P/L

Unit 7 32-38 Anne St Marys                  9623 9267            

  Jim Hammond

NB: they cast the skeg, rudder and staunchion bases fro the "Witch of Endor"

August 2005 Bearings, seals etc.

North Shore Bearing Co.

Unit 11 at 18 Leighton Place, Hornsby 2077 Phone 9482 3977. Updated February 2020

  Jim Hammond
February 2006
For those steamies over here in the west (W.A) I have found a manufacturer of aluminium and bronze fittings for boats                       

Ausco Products

273 Camboon Rd


telephone:       (08)9248 5077 fax:                 (08)9248 2737 auscoproducts@bigpond.com

  Mike Williams 

(Non Member from WA)

August 2010 Small Injectors


Scale Model Exchange


  Terry Lance




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