Owned by Greg Jones of Banora Point



17ft long, 6ft beam, 18" draught Batten seam carvel, originally built Lake Macquarie planked with Queensland Narrow Leaf Wattle. 1930's? (refurbished over last 8 years)


Single cylinder 2-1/4" bore 2-1/2" stroke, Bremme Valve gear, slide valve, eccentric driven feed pump & air pump, to clear condensate from condenser. Exhaust feed water heater 85 degrees - 90 degrees. Keel condenser 27"hg vacuum.


4 drum all copper (3 drum layout with 2 steam drums) Steam drums 4" diameter Mud drums 2-1/2" diameter Downcomers two off 1-1/2" heating tubes 1/2" diameter 47 tubes in 3 rows each side 94 total 13 square feet heating surface.


                                    5 blade 12"diameter x 20"pitch 5/8 SS shaft, ball bearing thrust 2 Hardy Spicer type couplings.



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