Elizabeth Rose

Owned by Myles Davey from Queensland



Graham Daniels, Port Lincoln S.A.

Fantail G.R.P. , length 24 ft. beam 6ft.6 in. draught 1 ft.8 in.

Deck teak over ply, mahogany cover boards and coamings, teak gunwales.


Manufactured by Peter Uscinski, Brisbane.

Single cylinder slide valve with Stephenson Reversing gear, Bore 3 in, stroke 4 in. 3.75 HP at 260 r.p.m. and 110 p.s.i. Overhung ball raced crankshaft


Vertical wet leg fire tube,73 x in tubes, Main drum 18"dia, firebox 14 in .dia.

Heating surface 28 sq.ft. Tested to 150 p.s.i.

Propeller   Geared up to twice engine speed. Shaft 1 inch S/Steel.


Keel condenser 12 ft x 1 in. copper tubes, Stainless steel make-up tank 20 gal.  Fynespray impeller vacuum pump, Windemere kettle

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Elizabeth Rose on Mooney Creek 2008

Elizabeth Rose on Mooney Creek 2008